Laminate Before You Buy

The primary reasons to choose laminate countertops over other tops include receiving a good quality product at an affordable price, its ease of maintenance and its hard, impact resistant finish.

Due to the reasonable cost of laminate, it is a desirable option, but will not last as long as other solid surface products. But due to the lower cost, the look of a kitchen can be changed and updated more frequently.

You can also chip laminate and while it cannot be repaired completely, it is far less expensive to replace this top than other countertop material options. Laminate tops are also easy to install and durable.

Laminate countertops like those made from granite and engineered stone have seams where the countertop sections meet. A good fabricator can make a laminate top seam almost disappear. But eventually, it is possible the seams will show, and dirt and bacteria can become trapped over time. If a seam is located close to a sink, the seam can become unsightly if water is allowed to soak in to the product. Keep excessive moisture away from seams.

Laminate is ideal in high use areas such as: Craft/Hobby rooms, Garages, Children’s rooms, Libraries, Family rooms, Cabinets, tables and Snack bars.

Laminate has been very popular for children’s rooms due to the wide variety of design options and the safety afforded by rounded custom edges on tables and countertops. It is also a non-porous surface so it is resistant to bacteria.

Countertops come in direct contact with food, and because laminate is a non-porous material, it is less likely that bacteria will be trapped in the surface.